Don’t Let the Costs Sneak Up on You!

Maid of Honor: Expenses

Below is a list of expenses that you as the Maid of Honor may be asked to incur for the wedding. These are traditional expenses, and may not be expected of you. Again, clarify everything as early as possible with the bride so you can figure out what is expected of you as the Maid of Honor and how you can budget. If you are worried about your ability to cover some of these costs, you can always ask the bridesmaids to help chip in.

Expense List

  • Maid of Honor’s dress
  • Maid of Honor’s shoes
  • Maid of Honor’s jewelry
  • Maid of Honor’s hair, makeup and nails for the wedding day
  • Bachelorette party gift for the bride (we recommend getting a romantic gift for her and her groom!)
  • Bachelorette party (see our page “Bachelorette Party” for tips on how to keep costs down)
  • Wedding gift for bride and groom on wedding day
  • Any and all travel expenses that you necessitate as the Maid of Honor, including: gas, parking fees, airfare and accommodations